Magician's Apprentice

Magician Apprentice is now Free2Play!

Magician Apprentice is now free to play! As we move to other projects, we've decided to release the game...

20th March 2017

Magician Apprentice Early Access is here!

Magician Apprentice Early Access has just been released! The Steam version includes...

11th November 2015

Magician Apprentice has just been greenlit!

Guys and gals - a big, big thank you! Thanks to your support...

27th June 2015

New alpha version of Magician's Apprentice has just been released!

New alpha version of Magician's Apprentice has been released. You can download it...

24th March 2015

Announcing Magician Apprentice, a new isometric roguelike game

You are a Magician, one of the most powerful being in Akaia's world. Craft your spells, fight monsters and your riches will grow. But beware - there is a powerful challenge...

1st December 2013
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