Magician's Apprentice
Steam Early Access (2015)
Burn 'em down! There is fire over there... You'll get teammembers too! Entering fort Strange catacombs Let us build some spells! Into the heat of things... We're here Zombie rush?
Alpha version (2015)
Into tavern Fighting Dead and burried Cementary fight Spell editor Burning the land Roguelike like experience Into the tavern in the old school way
Contest version (2013)
(These are screenshots that came from contest version of Magician, done in just two months for Polish Warsztat Summer of Code 2013 contest)
Ah, great outdoors Not all who wander are lost... Skeletons encountered! Firestorm! Burn 'em down! There is roguelike mode too! Don't remember what that big red 'S' was? Highlighting the situation...
Tech Demo (2009)
(These are screenshots that came from original, 2009 year version made during 7-day game challenge. Including some character graphics done by Reiner "Tiles" Prokein and additional content by SMD)
There are chest... er, I mean chairs in your dungeons! You're already dead Roguelike mode concept Burn them! Boom! Get the archer! Entering astral realm... There is an english version too! Don't get pinned down! Strange... I could swear there was an entrance here... Into battle!
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