Platform: Android 2.2+
Genre: Logic
Status: Released
Release Date: 7th Feb. 2013
The Riddles of the Sphinx

Millions of logic riddles are awaiting you (specially designed generator - no less than 4,000,000 different riddles!)

As the Indy Moes, an archeologist of world renown, you will explore the labyrinth of the ancient Egypt pyramid, searching for the hidden treasure. But beware – this treasure is guarded by the Sphinx, the legendary Guardian of the Pyramid and Master of the Logic Riddles. Are you ready to challenge the Sphinx? Your only weapon is your mind and your logic...

Game Features
  • Answer the logic riddles – each game is different
  • Scenarios and difficulties to be chosen – from very easy to extremely difficult
  • Each riddle is randomly generated by the specially designed engine. You can play several thousand times before the riddle can repeat itself
  • Your choice – either to explore the labyrinth full of riddles, or just simply answer single riddles
  • Too difficult? Context examples or hints can help.
  • Beat your time, beat your score!
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