Announcing Magician Apprentice, a new isometric roguelike game

You are a Magician, one of the most powerful being in Akaia's world. Craft your spells, fight monsters and your riches will grow. But beware - there is a powerful challenge that awaits you, warlock Yendor and his personal quest to reach godhood! He must be stop!

Magician is a new action RPG, the game that will please both casual gamers and hardcore roguelike fans alike. Set in randomly generated world of Akaia, with dozens of parallel universes to travel, the game will feature one of the most original system of building spells ever made. Combining runes into tree-like structures you'll unleash powerful magical effects. Prepared in shelter of safe location spells can be used against most vicious monster utilizing their vulnerabilities and weak spots. It's your power and imagination!

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1st December 2013
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